F1 - 1st generation puppy is 50% / 50% purebred. For example, an
English Springer bred with Poodle. This is first generation,
resulting in healthier offspring. In this particular Springer Doodle
cross the hair type can be smoother like a Springer or wavy/shaggy,
they most often do not shed. Pups in the same litter can vary.
People with allergies can tolerate this cross breed better than just
the Springer breed.

F1b = back cross puppy -  For example, an F1  Springer Doodle
bred back to Poodle, the hair will be wavy / curly shaggy look very
consistent in coat types. F1b (puppy) is the most likely of any to be
non shedding and allergy friendly of any of the doodles (poodle

You can have the best of two worlds. Both breeds are great hunters and love the water.
Some family's have found that if they have allergy's in the family that the Springer
Doodle may be the dogs for them.
Springer Doodles puppies
F1 and F1b's. Here is an explanation of the difference.
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